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Stonebridge Title Insurance Company is a NH Title Company

Stonebridge Title Company, LLC is a full service title company offering some or all of a variety of services for both brokered and non-brokered real estate transactions. Services provide by Stonebridge Title Company include representing the seller, the buyer, the lender, the title insurance company or more than one party.


Each real estate closing is handled by our team of experienced real estate professionals, overseen by Attorney Robert R. Howard, III.

Closings can be held at our office, your facility, or by mail.




  • Prepare or review offer or sales agreement
  • Complete search of county Registries of Deeds & Probate for documents relating to property
  • Issue Title Insurance Commitment
  • Prepare or review all closing documents, including settlement statement and declaration of consideration
  • Prepare or review loan documents, including mortgage deed, note and amortization schedule
  • Attend closing and review final documents
  • Make disbursements to ensure title is cleared of seller's mortgage and other liens
  • Updating title and recording documents
  • Issuance of Title Insurance Policy
  • Title searches
  • Abstracts of title
  • Preparation of closing documents, including settlement statement and declaration of consideration
  • Preparation of loan documents, including mortgage deed, note, and amortization schedule
  • Issuance of Lenders Title Insurance Policy
  • Coordinating and officiating at closings Making disbursements Recording documents
  • Prepare or review the offer or sales agreement
  • Arrange for clearing title of mortgages, or other title issues
  • Prepare proposed deed to buyer
  • Prepare or review closing documents
  • Prepare power of attorney when seller cannot attend closing
  • Negotiate issues that arise pending closing, such as poor property inspection, or delay in closing
  • Arrange for mail closing
  • Attend closing

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